features explained

The design accommodates most popular presses, portability, convenience, versatility and function.

The universal mounting plate accommodates most popular presses, manufactured by RCBS, Dillon, LEE, Hornady, MEC and others.


You are able to load ammunition for pistols, revolvers, 
rifles and shotguns.

Ideal weight, heavy enough to counter the downward pressure of the press, re-sizing, de-priming, compressing the bullet and brass to final crimping and  finish - light enough to transport.


Easy to carry with one or two hands and/or the convenience of one handle for each of two people to carry together.

Versatile and ergonomic right hand and left hand powder charge design.



Material Trays for any components including bullets, casings, primers, wads & shells.

The height allows for comfortably working on a bench, kitchen table, coffee table, tailgate of truck or SUV.


The width is narrow enough to provide a generous workspace leaving room on the surrounding surface for complementary loading operations.