There are a number of portable reloading options in the market, but since I was looking to teach my son "Cameron" how to reload and did not want to drill a bunch of holes in my maple workbench or my home office desk, (my wife would use that Glock on me !) , I considered adding a "Portable Three Legged Stand", or a "Workmate", or a "Weighted by Cinder Block stand" or in desperation "Clamp that 2X4 to the kitchen table" to my growing reloading arsenal.

Unfortunately, I like quality and none of these options satisfied my need; to quickly set up my press WHEREVER I WANTED and have it WORK WELL and LOOK GREAT.

So, I made my own portable bench, only to have it fall over when I bolted my press to the work surface. UGH - so then I clamped my "portable bench" to my table, and was even more frustrated by the clumsiness of the whole thing, and then it hit me - if I have a "base" packed full of lead shot, it may just stay in place while I load! It worked like a charm and the rest is history. The new task : Design a portable reloading bench that is compact and fill it with whatever weighted compound you have to give that stability for reloading, while at the same time it is not too heavy to carry around - seems like that "magic" weight for the average male is around 40-45 lbs.

From there I showed a couple of friends and when all of them said "I want one" the product took shape - with handles, bin storage and a "universal plate" - since we loaders can never be happy with only one press!

Once we got to manufacturing, I was truly blessed by having a couple of guys with insanely expensive CNC equipment do the production runs and paint work - and the result is a great product that is going to be at the center of your reloading activities.

Whenever I am loading on thec4m3ron, I always think about what "J" said to "K" in Men in Black after he put his sunglasses on for the first time: “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD"

Hope that thec4m3ron will do the same for you!

Schalk Theron - Inventor