Warranty : thec4m3ron portable reloading bench is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is extended only to the original consumer purchaser. thec4m3ron portable reloading bench is intended for non-commercial use by hobbyists. Any other use of the products will void the warranty

CNC precision engineering for wood and CNC lathe turning for aluminum components.
Stainless steel t-bolts for mounting reloading presses.
Strong,  high density, multi-layer baltic birch plywood.
6061 Anodized aluminum (scratch resistant).
High quality, durable polyurethane coating.
High quality black coated assembly screws.

The  top wing has a specifically designed cut-out in the front middle of the wing that seats the universal mounting plate.
There are four mounting holes with threaded inserts that allows the user to attach the universal mounting plate to the  top wing by using four machine screws.
Designed to provide a flat bench like work surface very specific for the support of the reloading operation. 

The universal mounting plate is designed so that the most popular types of reloading presses can be mounted by using uniquely designed t-bolts located in a matching pattern in the grooved t-slot channels. 
The mounting plate is manufactured using 6061 aluminum. and the plate is approximately 1/4 inch thick, 5” wide and 7” long.

Clear and simple instructions to help with a 6-step assembly process.
Parts are engineered using rabbet-joints and dowels that line up the top and bottom wings with the base panels for seamless fit and easy assembly.