Supported reloading PRESSES

& equipment

We are proud to offer a universal mounting plate that allows you to attach a wide range of presses to our portable reloading bench. Unfortunately, at some point you just run out of space on the plate and as such we ship our bench with one of two options to match your press. During the checkout process, you will be asked to specify your loader(s) and we will match the right plate to your order.

Plate (A)

DillonRL 550B

Dillon Square Deal "B"

DillonSuper Swage 600

DillonXL 650

HornadyLock-N-Load® AP™

HornadyLock-N-Load® Classic

LEE4 Hole Classic Turret

LEE4 Hole Turret w/ Auto Index

LEEBreech Lock Challenger


LEEClassic Cast

LEELoadmaster Progressive

LEEPro 1000

LEEReloader Press

LymanCrusher II™

LymanT-Mag II

MECLoader 600 JR - 4hole

MECLoader 650N - 3hole



RCBSPartner Single Stage


RCBSRock Chucker

RCBSRock Chucker Supreme

RCBSSummit™ Single Stage


Plate (B)


Hornady Lock-N-Load® AP™

HornadyLock-N-Load® Classic

LEEClassic Cast


RCBSPartner Single Stage

RCBSPro Chucker 5/7 Progressive

RCBSReloader Special-5 Single Stage

RCBSRock Chucker

RCBSRock Chucker Supreme

ReddingBig Boss II

ReddingBig Boss original

ReddingT-7 Turret


If your press is not supported on Plate (A), or Plate (B) - please e-mail us at and we can CNC a special plate for you to support your configuration within the constraints of the bench dimensions.